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SSP Creatine Monohydrate

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Product Description



SSP Nutrition's "THE SYSTEM" is a revolutionary, 100% safe, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and IOC compliant supplement series.  It is based on scientific research, utilizing the concept of Nutrient Timing in a powder packed supplement series.  "THE SYSTEM" will optimize your energy, reduce recovery time, and rev your metabolism to better achieve your Personal Fitness and Body-Development goals.  SSP Nutrition's "THE SYSTEM" is the Fuel for a New Breed of Athlete!

SSP CREATINE MONOHYDRATE 100% PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE has an undisputed ability to work in long term studies effectively and safely.  SSP's superior quality Creatine Monohydrate allows for greater strength, quicker bursts of speed and faster recovery.  In order for SSP's Creatine Monohydrate to be deemed pharmaceutical grade, our product exceeds a purity level of 99% with no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances. 

Your Satisfaction is Backed by SSP Nutrition's 100% Money Back Guarantee




SSP Nutrition, Inc.



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No flavor

Gluten Free:


Banned Substance Free:


WADA Compliant:



High Intensity Workout

Enhances Methylation

Enhanced Recovery

Enhances Brain Function

Improve Anaerobic Capacity

Improves Bone Healing

Enhance Muscle Volumization

Improves Glucose Tolerance



The SSP Creatine formula is designed and works best when taken with lots of water throughout the day.

Workout Days:  Mix 1 scoop with SSP's PRE or POST Formula.  It can also be taken with water or juice. 

Loading:  Take 1 scoop 2-4 times per day (10-20 g), for 5 days with 12-16 oz water or non-acidic juice.

Maintenance:  take 1 serving (5g) daily with 12-16 oz water or non-acidic juice.  Take this product with adequate amounts of fluids.




The argument for taking creatine before a workout usually follows these lines: More creatine equals more ATP, the primary currency of cellular energy. More ATP means more power available to the muscles. More power means more activation of muscle fibers and more weight lifted. More weight means more muscle.



The argument for taking creatine after a workout often focuses on how your muscles are depleted of nutrients after a workout, and are thus "primed" for a big influx of nutrients. Throw creatine in there along with your protein and carbs, and your body will soak up the powerful supplement and receive all of its benefits.

A study published in the "Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition" monitored recreational male bodybuilders who were given 5 grams of creatine either before or after their workouts. They trained five days per week and were also directed to consume 5g on their rest days at any time they wanted. The workouts were fairly standard push-pull-legs splits, and the methodology used in the study suggests that the findings would apply to most weightlifters.  The report concluded that Creatine supplementation plus resistance exercise increases fat-free mass and strength.   Both groups found benefit from the creatine supplementation, the benefit they received was more or less equal.  There wasn't any significant effect (less than 5 percent) of one over the other.  When the researchers broke the results down on a case-by-case basis, they saw a trend that suggested that taking creatine after a workout is better than before, but  stated "we really need to study more in order to prove that."



Creatine is one of the most heavily researched supplements in the history of sports nutrition (over 200 studies to date, over the last decade), creatine's efficacy cannot be denied.  Studies now link the benefits of creatine far beyond muscle-building, including anti-aging, memory support, and cell protection capabilities.

SSP Creatine Monohydrate 100% Pharmaceutical Grade is used by your muscles cells to produce energy. During strenuous exercise, your body uses this energy source to help you power through your workouts.  Supplementing with SSP Creatine will help replenish muscles, improve strength, aid in workout recovery, and decrease the time needed to regain strength after workouts. 

Creatine enhances the body's capacity to perform high intensity work (and assists greater muscle size and performance gains as a result).  Creatine phosphate (creatine's high energy molecule form, stored within cells) is used to supply the type 11b muscle fibers (fast-twitch high-glycolytic; the ones that get largest in size) with immediate energy, ensuring these muscles do not prematurely fatigue.  This strengthens muscular contraction of these fibers, and helps the athlete to pump out more reps, sprint at a faster rate, or engage more forcefully in whatever sport or type of exercise they take part in.  Creatine used in this manner is regarded as a high-energy phosphate, and its role in energy production cannot be overstated.



SSP Creatine Monohydrate 100% Pharmaceutical-Grade Powder.  Lab-Tested Pure.  Clinically Proven.  Product is  tasteless and an odorless powder that mixes easily into water or juice and does not readily settle to the bottom.

Product Reviews

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  1. Value and performance in one.

    Posted by anonymous on 12th Jun 2017

    Great Creatine! Definitely notice a difference once I made it part of my routine... and you can't beat the price either!!

  2. More then happy with product

    Posted by Unknown on 14th May 2015

    Nobody is paying me to say this-lol
    The Creatine is the best I have ever used and more then that, I found your price to be more then fair.
    Tried one canister and ordered two more within a week just to make sure I don't run out.

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