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SSP Nutrition's PRE Workout Formula is a revolutionary, 100% safe, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and IOC compliant supplement.  It is based on scientific research, utilizing the concept of Nutrient Timing in a powder packed supplement series.   

PRE Taken before and during physical activity The PRE-Workout formula addresses the critical needs of the body before and during physical exertion by enhancing energy levels, establishing focus, increasing strength and improving endurance. The PRE-Workout formula also helps maintain hydration and prevent the burning of coveted muscle during a workout. PRE will push you to get the absolute most out of your workout.  

Your Satisfaction is Backed by SSP Nutrition's 100% Money Back Guarantee 
SSP Nutrition, Inc. 
16.79 oz, 476 g 
Ship Weight: 
1.70 lbs
2 Scoops, 23.8g 
Fruit Punch
Gluten Free: 
Banned Substance Free: 
WADA Compliant: 
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Mega Dose of BCAA’S 
Nutrient Intake 
Energy Enhancement 
Electrolyte Booster   
Energy/Focus Blend 
Glycerol Super Hydrator 
Lactic Acid Buffer     
Strength/Stamina Complex  


The PRE-Workout formula is designed to be mixed with either water or juice and half taken 10-20 minutes before the workout, then continue sipping the second half for the first 20 minutes into your workout. 
On workout days, add 2 scoops to 16-20 fl oz of cold water or juice and mix until smooth.  Begin drinking 20 minutes prior to work out and finish when you are 50% complete with your workout.  On non-workout days, enjoy as a great source of Energy and Nutrition.     
Taken before and during physical activity, The PRE-Workout formula for addresses the critical needs of the body before and during physical exertion by enhancing energy levels, establishing focus, increasing strength and improving endurance. The PRE-Workout formula also helps maintain hydration and prevent the burning of coveted muscle during a workout. PRE will push you to get the absolute most out of your workout. 
The PRE-Workout formula addresses the energy your body needs both before and during your workout or physical activity. During this phase, the primary goal of the body is to deliver the proper energy to the muscle in order to create muscular contractions. 
The PRE-Workout formula addresses one of the most important nutrients to take during this crucial phase, carbohydrates. Carbohydrates balance blood glucose levels and replenish glycogen stores.  This leads to an increase in endurance as well as prevention of muscular fatigue. However, the PRE addresses much more since carbohydrates alone are simply not enough, and numerous studies have proven that protein, amino acids, and vitamins combined with carbohydrates before and during a workout not only increases muscular endurance but also reduces muscular damage while at the same time prepping the muscles for faster recovery. 
 The PRE-Workout formula provides safe and natural supplementation to hydrate, enhance energy levels and prevent burning coveted muscle during workouts, games and intense competitions. PRE keeps the athlete hydrated while maintaining lower body temperatures; resulting in maximum workout periods with greater intensity. The PRE-Workout formula is loaded with an 8 gram mega dose of BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acid). Research has also shown that taking essential amino acids before a workout increases muscle protein synthesis and anabolism; increasing energy levels and the intensity of your workouts.  


SSP Glycerol Powder:  Our proprietary blend establishes a purity of 70% (vs. 5  20% of other Glycerol on the market). At this level, SSP Glycerol acts as a super-hydrator, creating a “pump” that keeps fluids in the cells and the athlete’s body temperature lower for longer, more intense workouts. SSP Glycerol doubles as a transport agent for all the ingredients in the formula at highly efficient rates. 
Essential Amino Acids:  (8 Grams) This mega amount of Amino acids at the pre-workout stage creates an anabolic/anti-catabolic environment during the workout and sets the stage for a faster and better recovery by the halting of cellular breakdown as well as slowing the breakdown of protein which makes it easier to put on new muscle. SSP offers a sizable dose of Leucine, the most important amino acid when it comes to building lean muscle. It helps with the regulation of blood-sugar levels, the growth and repair of muscle tissue, growth hormone production, wound healing as well as energy regulation. Leucine is the most anabolic of all BCAA’s proven to prevent muscle protein breakdown and stimulating muscle protein synthesis. 
Vitamins C, E and ALA:  (Alpha Lipoic Acid  Helps make Vitamin C & E work better. It is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals). These antioxidants minimize any free radicals (Unstable molecules that steal electrons from other molecules) created during vigorous workouts while also elevating Nitric Oxide (NO2) (NO2 opens blood vessels and helps increase blood flow) levels, further enhancing the athlete’s pump. The ALA replenishes the Vitamins C and E as they get depleted thus the cycle repeats during long, strenuous workouts. 
Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium:  Electrolytes maintain hydration levels, reduce muscle cramping and enhance the athlete’s ability to withstand long grueling workouts at both the endurance aerobic level and the short burst anaerobic level. 
Dextrose:  This taste-enhancing simple sugar gives the athlete immediate energy to kick start the workout. A strategic five (5) gram limit prevents the athlete from experiencing a sugar induced “crash” during or after their workouts. 
Citrulline Malate:  The effects begin during grueling aerobic workouts, giving the athlete a “Second Wind.” Anaerobic athletes alike will benefit from Citrulline Malate during their intense workouts as it buffers lactic acid and removes ammonia from your system. 
Beta-Alanine:  A Nitrous Oxide (NO2) enhancer. Beta- Alanine increases Carnosine levels, endurance, synthesizes protein and acts as a buffering agent against lactic acid buildup allowing the athlete to push harder and longer without the muscles burning out. (Carnosine is a dipeptide of the amino acids Beta-Alanine and Histidine. It is highly concentrated in both muscle & brain tissues) 
Caffeine:  Caffeine is a proven ergogenic (external) agent providing greater focus and energy during the intense workout. Once serving of the PRE contains the equivalent of about 2.5 cups of coffee. 
Taurine:  Achieve greater endurance. SSP uses 3x the amount than a typical energy drink. Taurine lowers the Three-Methyl-Hystidine levels, acts as a Cortisol blocker and an anti-catabolic agent, preventing the burning of muscle. The Glycerol “pump” already underway is further enhanced by Taurine. 
Mucuna Pruriens:  Also known as “Indian Ginseng,” Mucuna Pruriens is a rare root that our research has discovered to be an excellent anabolic agent. On a different level it provides long lasting focus and energy. 

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