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LEAN MUSCLE MEAL Packet's (set of 20)

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit(s)

Product Description


SSP Nutrition's Lean Muscle Meal, A Quick & Easy Protein-Packed Meal Replacement.


Taken 1-2 hours after the POST-Workout formula, as a snack, or before bed

Proper supplementation should continue past the workout. The LEAN MUSCLE MEAL-Workout formula is a low calorie, lean muscle stimulator that contains vital time-released nutrients which open the anabolic window for the body. What this means is that your body continues to build muscle for hours past the workout. Take The LEAN MUSCLE MEAL and watch your body regenerate and recover faster than you ever thought possible.


The LEAN MUSCLE MEAL-Workout formula is designed for the period where one workout ends and another begins, this is known as the growth phase. During the this phase the muscles are in the process of utilizing protein to repair muscle fiber while also replenishing any glycogen not already replaced with the POST-Workout formula. Carbohydrate and protein consumption is important during this time in order to maintain optimal muscle growth. While many people mistake taking a high level of protein immediately after the workout, the growth phase is the time where high protein consumption is best. Taking in a whey/caseinated protein blend along with carbohydrates during this phase keeps the muscles in a prolonged anabolic state, restores muscle glycogen, repairs muscle damage, and leads to synthesis of new muscles. The LEAN MUSCLE MEAL-Workout formula is designed to be mixed with water and taken within 1-2 hours after the POST-Workout formula, used as a meal replacement or taken before bed.

Muscles maintain remarkable growth potential long after a workout. The The LEAN MUSCLE MEAL-Workout formula is a low-calorie, lean muscle stimulator allowing muscles to continue on the anabolic path up until the next workout, enabling the protein synthesis cycle of lean muscle building to continue.

Lean Muscle Stimulator

        ♦ Casein/Whey Protein Blend ♦ Easily Digestible
  ♦ Increased Protein Absorption ♦ Fat-Burning MCT’s
  ♦ Multi-Vitamin/Multi-Mineral ♦ Long Lasting Muscle Builder

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  1. Leaner, Stronger and More...

    Posted by robin figelman on 30th Jan 2018

    When you put all of SSP NUTRITION Products together and follow the directions from the experts here, amazing things happen to your body. Priceless!!

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