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Bench Press Clinic with Jennifer Thompson


Jennifer Thompson
SSP Athlete and World Champion Weightlifter

  • Inducted into the USA Powerlifting Hall of Fame
  • 15 year veteran who began competing in 1999 at the age of 25
  • Jen has won 15 national titles, 23 national championship medals, 4 IPF World Titles, and 13 PUF World Championship Medals
  • Jen is also a Powerlifting referee, a State Chair, a meet Director, as well as teammate
  • At the 2012 NAPF Arnold Classic Jen had the greatest Bench Press of all-time. It was a 301 lb. raw bench press at 132 lb. bodyweight, done under strict IPF conditions, on the biggest stage, in a full raw powerlifting meet where she broke five world records, and it was all done while taking SSP’s THE SYSTEM as a drug-free athlete




Bench Press 101


Bench Press 201


Bench Press 301


Bench Press 401


Bench Press 501