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P O S T Canister USAPL

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Product Description

P O S T 


23 oz / 20 serving canister


Taken immediately after physical activity

Failing to take the proper nutrition immediately after a workout can actually leave the body in worse condition than it was before the workout. The P O S T-Workout formula makes sure this never happens by scavenging free radicals, repairing damaged muscles and enhancing l e a n muscle growth potential. P O S T will allow your body to seize this critical moment and embark on the path to recovery.


The P O S T-Workout formula is designed for the forty-five minute window after exercise and is perhaps the most crucial time for your body in regards to supplementation. In fact, research has shown that not utilizing nutrition after a workout leaves your body in worse shape than if you had never even exercised. Using proper nutrition repairs damaged muscles and replenishes muscle glycogen stores. Within this window muscle cells are in an anabolic state, but this state diminishes rapidly, and if proper nutrition is not taken muscles will become insulin resistant, thus slowing muscle recovery and growth potential.

In order to increase recovery and repair muscles effectively the body must synthesize protein, which is best triggered by glycogen replenishment. Many athletes make the mistake of taking protein-heavy supplements immediately after a workout, but this is simply ineffective. Without an insulin spike and glycogen replenishment protein synthesis cannot occur, they are intertwined. In fact, the most important macronutrient to take immediately after a workout is carbohydrates. Numerous studies have shown that in order to receive the greatest recovery an athlete should take a 3:1 carbohydrate/protein ratio sports drink immediately after a workout. The P O S T-Workout formula is designed to be mixed with either water or a berry based juice and is to be taken immediately following your workout.

SSP Nutrition’s P O S T-Workout formula nutrients immediately scavenge free radicals, repair muscle cells and enhance growth potential during this critical and short lived “anabolic window”. P O S T is based on a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that replenish muscle cells with the most scientifically advanced blend of effective nutrients.

Protect / Replenish / Repair

        ♦ Hydrolyzed-Whey Protein ♦ 3:1 Glycogen Replenisher
  ♦ Glycerol Super-Hydrator         ♦ Fast-Acting Transport Agent
  ♦ Anabolic Muscle Complex ♦ Leucine/Glutamine Megadose

Product Reviews

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  1. Set Yourself Apart From The Rest!

    Posted by ltmferrantelli@gmail.com on 1st Mar 2017

    SSP Nutrition supplements are second to none. They are the first supplements designed with the Athlete in mind. In my opinion, your POST Workout Nutritional Supplement is the most important! SSP POST has the right nutrition / ingredients to promote growth and recuperative aspects of muscle growth. SSP POST is taken at just the operative time for feeding your bodies muscles. SSP should be in every athletes arsenal.

  2. Sensitive Stomach not bothered by this product

    Posted by Brian R. on 18th Jun 2014

    Just started using the Pre and Post.
    I have a sensitive stomach and cannot use some products because of this. No problems with these products!

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