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Dennis Cieri


President & CEO of
SSP Nutrition Inc.

Dennis Cieri is a ‘Lifetime-Drug-Free’ Bench Press World Champion. He has won 15 National Championships, 5 IPF (International Power Lifting) World Championships, and set 18 world records. From the beginning he wanted to define himself as a ‘clean’ athlete and has done so through intense commitment to training and diet. Thus he formulated what is now available as the “THE SYSTEM™”. It is the result of his many years refining ingredients, ratios, and timing to achieve maximum athletic gains in the healthiest way possible.

Dennis has been a top name in the drug tested, raw and single ply shirt competition bench world for over 25 years. Just this year at the 6th Annual IPF / NAPF Powerlifting Championship, Cieri broke the 205 pound division raw & drug tested record with an astounding 513 pound push at 43 years of age. The AAU was the first governing body to sanction the sport of powerlifting on a national level (1964) and Dennis has made his mark in that league as well, hitting 518 pounds at 212 under raw and drug tested conditions. His best competition to date was at 535 pounds, weighting 198 pounds at 41 years of age.

Competing at such a high level Dennis had to ensure that anything he put in his body helped him gain strength and more importantly, wasn’t any substance that would cause him to fail a drug test. The result is SSP Nutrition’s “THE SYSTEM™”, a supplement program created for the serious athlete.