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​Latest SSP review from Georgia Powerlifter!

Posted by Tony Arcaro on

Latest SSP review from Georgia Powerlifter!

I just wanted to follow-up on the samples SSP sent my husband and I. Today I tried all three and took them as prescribed. So far so good!

SSP PRE: No surprises with the pre-workout. I'm at the gym in the early morning so I cut it back just a hair because I tend not to like beta alanine too early in the morning. It was light tasting and not sweet. Beautiful.

SSP POST: The post workout was really easy to gulp down after a leg routine. Easy on the stomach, refreshing, and definitely not an over fruity sweet taste. I liked that.

SSP Lean Muscle Meal: The protein was the best surprise! Not sweet, not thick tasting - a very nice light protein drink. I mixed it with water and a little bit of heavy cream - mixed really good. Wonderful! And the best news for me, no headache after drinking it!

Thank you again for sending them!

- Judy

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